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          High brightness LCD panel


          Product Center

          Supply LCD panel 5″ -86″

          MJScreen 3 Advantages

          MJScreen has professional technical strength in the field of high-brightness LCD products, leading the industry



          Shenzhen MJScreen Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology research and development company. As a high-brightness backlight module solutions provider and manufacturer, with backlight technology to develop LED backlight modules with brightness up to 4000 nits. Leading the industry and gaining favor from capital investors.


          Ultra-thin high-brightness LCD module, Function and Quality leads the industry

          • Sunlight readable, the patent is ultra-thin, providing high-quality products for light and slim outdoor display.
          • All structure are mold production to ensure genuine quality.
          • The international standard VESA hole position reduces the installed labor cost and standardizes the whole machine.
          • Metal structure, low power consumption, direct-lit LED backlight, to meet the full range of 5″ -86″ requirements.

          Professional service team

          Provide customers with perfect and thoughtful service
          • For inquiry customers, analysis the product advantages and selling points and market applications to explore business opportunities.
          • For contracted customers, continue to provide market application guidance and professional technical support services.
          • After-sales service, professional logistics and distribution, timely respond customer's feedback From pre-sales to after-sales customer service and technical team to fully support customers to develop the market.

          Application case

          High brightness LCD panel is widely used in station,airport, shope windows etc.


          Learn about MJScreen latest trends and industry frontier information


          MJScreen will serve every customer with the best quality products

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